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Stone-coated steel shingles can withstand high winds as well as heavy rainstorms. They are also very durable and won't bend, curl or crack.
Green roofs, which are very common in Germany are now becoming increasingly popular with Americans. These types are designed to support 150 lbs. per square foot. per square foot.
Cedar is very popular for its natural appearance, durability, longevity, and long lifespan. If installed properly and maintained, cedar roofs can last for as long as 30 years. For a refreshing look, cedar can be stained or even painted.
Rolled roofing is an oil based asphalt roofing material. They come in rolls of 100 square footage. MSR (mineral-surfaced roofing) is easy and affordable to install.
Solar tiles can be as durable and long-lasting than regular shingles. However, solar tiles are specifically designed to harness sunlight to create power for the house.
The majority of commercial buildings and condominiums have membrane roofing. The roof membrane acts as a waterproof barrier to protect the interior.

It is possible to hire independent roofing contractors for emergency repairs. Large projects such as replacing your roof may take longer because they can work alone or with subcontractors. But they might be skilled in a specific style. While hiring someone can present a risk, you'll be working with them for the entirety of the project.
Roofing companies are more likely complete large jobs faster, have work covered by manufacturer warranties and offer discounts. But, not everyone will be the same person to contact for each phase.

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roof installation miami

Metal shingles can mimic wood, asphalt, and slate roofing. These shingles are on average $1-3 per square feet less expensive than standing seam.
Wood roofing looks great with the charming Coconut Grove cottages, Craftsman- and Tudor-style homes of Coral Gables. With age, they become more silvery and sandy brown. Wood roofs can be lasted up to 50 year in dry climates, but must be treated in areas that are susceptible to fire and weatherproofed in order for them to withstand the Miami climate. Water damage causes wood roofing to wear faster in wet climates like South Florida.
Redwood, pine and cedar are popular building materials as they all repel insects. Cedar shake roofing, which averages $5-$7 per square feet, is the most widely used choice.

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The slate is mined mostly in Italy and then cut into tiles. The slate tiles must be installed individually, as opposed to other roofing materials which come in strips of 3 feet or metal panels.

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You expect to get the most out of a large investment like a roof. You should also consider the life expectancy of different roofing materials.
The lifespan of the three types of asphaltshingles is between 25-30 years depending on the one you choose. The lifespan of a cedar shake roof is around 30 years. However, you can get as long as 50 years if your materials are high quality and you live in the right area.
Composite shingle roofs (40-50 years) or standing seam metal roofs (50 years) offer more durability. A slate roof, which has a lifetime of 75 to 100 year, is the best choice if you want the longest-lasting roof on the market.
This article will tell you how long your roof will last.
These are the three questions to ask when choosing the right type of roofing material for you. Are you still having trouble finding the right roofing material to replace your old one?
We have a guide to help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each roofing material. The guide doesn't stop there.
You will also find out how much it costs, where to find the best roofing contractor, and how to pay for your new roof. Get The Complete Guide to Purchasing a New Roof to learn everything you need about your roof replacement.

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The most commonly used roofing material is an asphalt shingle roof. Because it is the most affordable roof type available, asphalt shingle roofs are very popular.
An asphalt roof is made of asphalt shingles, as well as other roofing components. There are many shingles available for asphalt roofs. You can choose the style and budget that you like.
There are three main types of asphaltshingles: 3-tab, dimensional and luxury. While 3-tab used be the most popular type of asphalt shingles, dimensional are still the most commonly installed type on roofs.
Luxury-style shingles, which are twice as expensive as dimensional, are as popular as the dimensional. Check out this article about the 3 types and benefits of shingle.

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This roof material is made out of 24- or 26 gauge rust-resistant steel, and is then coated with a layer containing stone.
Stone-coated steel roof shingles are durable and can withstand high winds, heavy rainstorms and other extreme conditions. They won't curl, crack, bend or break.
While green roofs are common in Germany, they have been gaining popularity with American homeowners. These roofing systems can hold 150 lbs. You can have as many plants, flowers, or vegetation as you like. Or, you could go for something more substantial, which can hold up to 25 pounds. per square foot.

commercial roofing miami

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common types of roof replacements that can be cost effective include:

1. Flat roof replacement - A flat roof replacement is often the most cost effective option for roofs that are in good condition and only need minor repairs or corrective work. This type of replacement is usually done using a membrane and metal truss system.

2. Gable roof replacement - Gable roofs are a popular choice for replacement due to their low maintenance requirements and the fact that they can be modified to match most home styles. This type of replacement is typically done using an arch or gable system and a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl.

3. Sloping roof replacement - Sloping roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique appearance and the fact that they can provide significant energy savings over traditional roofs. This type of replacement is typically done using a tiled or shingle system and can be customized to match your home's style and architecture.

Most roofs will require some type of inspection or certification before they can be replaced, but the homeowner does not need to be home at the time of replacement.