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Standing seam metal roof systems are made up of a number of metal panels, which are either sewn or locked together at their seams. This allows the metal panels to contract and expand as they heat up.
Although standing seam metal roofing may not be as well-known as asphalt, it is becoming increasingly popular in the roofing sector. But it will cost you two to three more than an asphalt shingle roof.
A metal roof's greatest asset is its versatility. You can have it as a whole roof system or homeowners can add a metal standing seam accent to their roof for a covered porch. Dormers, flat roof facets and dormers are all possible.
Cedar shake roofs are premium roof systems made from cedar (natural wood) materials. They are among the most attractive roofing materials. Cedar trees can be cut into 2-foot sections. Then, they are hand-split or sawed to a tapered thickness (tapersawn) in order to make the actual shingles.
You can get a more rugged look with hand split, while tapersawn has a more smooth look. The cedar shake roof shingles are natural made and there's no manufacturer warranty if the materials fail.
Your roofing contractor's workmanship warranty will protect your investment. Also, be aware that cedar shake roof shingles may lose their color, crackle, crackle, and curl with age, depending on how they are exposed to the elements.

The services offered by roofing contractors vary from one company to the next. Ask the roofers that you are interested in working with about their services. These are some of the most common services for roofing:
A good time to inspect your gutters is when you are repairing a roof. There may be roofers who offer window, siding and gutter services. Ask local professionals if they offer other services. Having roofing and gutters done at once can help you save money, as the contractor will be already on-site.
There are two options when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor: independent contractors or roofing companies. Both have their pros and cons. Compare bids to find the lowest price, and make sure you check out roofer references, reviews and qualifications.
For quick repairs, independent roofing contractors are a good option. It may take longer for large projects like replacing an old roof to be completed because they work with subcontractors or independently. They may be experts in one particular style. Although hiring an individual is risky, it can also mean that you will work with the same person throughout the entire project.
Larger jobs are easier to complete by roofing companies. They also offer discounts, free consultations, and can provide warranties on their work. You may not have the same contact person for every phase of your project.

how long does a tile roof last in florida

how long does a tile roof last in florida

Composite shingle roofs last 40-50 years, while standing seam metal roofs last 50 years. However, slate roofs are the best roofs for long-lasting roofing. They last 75 to 100 years.
Read this article to learn about the lifespans for different types of roofing materials.
Now you are familiar with the 3 questions to consider when choosing which roofing material is best for your situation. You still need to decide on the right type for you replacement roofing material after reading this article.
If you are interested, here is a guide with all the details about the different roofing materials. The guide also includes other useful information.
It also provides information on the cost and how best to find a roofing contractor. The Complete Guide on Purchasing a Roofing Roof will help you learn all about your upcoming roofing replacement.

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It would be wonderful to have all the best roofing materials in one place. You're here because you said yes.
Yates Miami Roofing has been helping homeowners to find the right roofing material since 1983. We want to do the exact same for you.
This article will give you information about the 5 most popular types of roofing materials. Then, we will give you 3 questions to consider when choosing the right roofing material for you.

gravel roofs miami fl

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A slate roof can be beautiful and lasts for many years, but it can also be quite expensive. You can still afford the expensive slate roof, but it will be the last roofing material you install on your home.
Now you're familiar with the five main types of roofing material. You now know which type of roofing material is best for your needs.
It is as simple as asking yourself 3 questions to help you select the right type and style of roofing material.
While this may not seem important until you meet your local roofing contractor for a consultation, you should think about what look you want on your roof. Each type of roofing material offers a different look to make your roof unique.
While 3-tab and three-tab asphalt shingle roofs have the most popularity, they aren't the most distinctive in your locality. If the roof's design isn't important to you, I would recommend any of these asphalt-shingle roofs.
If you really want your roofing to stand out, then you should consider luxury asphalt, standing seam metallic roofs, synthetic roofs and cedar shake roofs.

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This interlocking roofing system, which is fire, wind, impact and water resistant, is a popular choice among homeowners looking for metal roofing after standing seam roofing.
This roof material can be made from 24- to 26-gauge rustproof steel and then covered with a layer or stone.
Stone-coated steel shingles can withstand high winds as well as heavy rainstorms. They are also very durable and won't bend, curl or crack.
Green roofs, which are very common in Germany are now becoming increasingly popular with Americans. These types are designed to support 150 lbs. per square foot. per square foot.
Cedar is very popular for its natural appearance, durability, longevity, and long lifespan. If installed properly and maintained, cedar roofs can last for as long as 30 years. For a refreshing look, cedar can be stained or even painted.
Rolled roofing is an oil based asphalt roofing material. They come in rolls of 100 square footage. MSR (mineral-surfaced roofing) is easy and affordable to install.

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Rolling roofing is one of the most cost-effective types of roofing. It is very popular among builders and homeowners on a limited budget. Rolling roofing is affordable and cost-effective in terms of labor. This material is ideal for roofs that have a lower pitch. The rolled material can easily be hammered into position. This material should not be used to attach flat roofs. Water leaks can result from this.
The choice of the roofing material that you choose for your replacement is a big decision. To choose the right type of roofing material for your situation, you must research and absorb as much information as possible.
The research aspect of making such a big decision is often the hardest. There is so much information online that it can be overwhelming.
Wouldn't that be awesome to have all of the best roofing materials, and how to choose which one for you, in one place? If yes, you are in the right place.
Yates Miami Roofing's team has been helping homeowners for over 30 years to choose the best roofing material for their roof replacement. Now, we are ready to help you do the same.
This article will provide information on the top 5 types and some details about each. We then give you 3 questions that you should ask when choosing the right roofing material.

flat roofing companies miami

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the requirements and qualifications for roof replacement vary depending on the neighborhood. In most cases, in Miami Dade, serious work where rebuilding costs total at least 50% of the whole roof qualify as replacement.

Roof tile replacement is a common task for contractors, and the process can be simplified with the use of a roof tile ladder. By mounting the ladder on the side of the building, contractors can reach high up on the roof to replace tiles quickly and easily.