Standing seam metal roofing is a system of metal panels that are sewn together at the seams. This allows the panels to expand or contract as the metal heats up.
Standing seam metal roofing, while not as popular as asphalt, is growing in popularity within the roofing industry. It will be up to three times more costly than an asphalt roof shingle roof.

Your home's roof is probably the most important thing for many reasons. It provides protection from the outside elements, protects your house's structure and keeps it warm. Your home's value can be boosted by its roof. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your roof is maintained properly. It can be difficult to choose the right roof material among so many available.

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mediterranean roof tile miami

If you have an idea of the type and style of roofing you would like, you might find fewer contractors in your region. Although many roofers can repair and install asphalt shingles they are less skilled at installing clay tiles, cedar shake or natural slate. Green roofs and solar tiles are rare styles that require professionals, so it is not easy to find them in rural areas.

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Stone-coated steel roof shingles are durable and can withstand high winds, heavy rainstorms and other extreme conditions. They won't curl, crack, bend or break.
While green roofs are common in Germany, they have been gaining popularity with American homeowners. These roofing systems can hold 150 lbs. You can have as many plants, flowers, or vegetation as you like. Or, you could go for something more substantial, which can hold up to 25 pounds. per square foot.
Cedar is a popular choice for roofing materials due to its durability, natural appearance, and long-lasting life. Cedar can last for up to 30 year if it is properly installed and kept in good condition. It can lose its color and fade, but it can be stained or repainted for a new look.
Rolled roofing is an asphalt-based oil roofing material. It comes in rolls of 100 sq. feet. MSR is an inexpensive, easy-to-install mineral-surfaced roof material.

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Wood roofing looks great with the charming Coconut Grove cottages, Craftsman- and Tudor-style homes of Coral Gables. With age, they become more silvery and sandy brown. Wood roofs can be lasted up to 50 year in dry climates, but must be treated in areas that are susceptible to fire and weatherproofed in order for them to withstand the Miami climate. Water damage causes wood roofing to wear faster in wet climates like South Florida.
Redwood, pine and cedar are popular building materials as they all repel insects. Cedar shake roofing, which averages $5-$7 per square feet, is the most widely used choice.
Clay tiles are one the most widely used roofing materials worldwide. They can be traced back over 5,000 years to the glazed earthenware rooftops of China. They cost from $10 to $18 per square ft and can last for 50 to 100 years. You have the option to choose from many styles, such as Spanish, French and Scania.
Clay tiles can last longer than most other types of roofing, even though they are more expensive to install and fix. Clay roofing is popular in Southern Florida, as it can withstand winds of up 150 miles an hour and is fire-resistant.
Slate is one of most durable roofing materials. It costs about the same as clay tiles and ranges from $9 to $20 for each square foot. It can last for 50 to 200 year. This material is not only fireproof and resists extreme temperatures and high winds but also resists impact from hail and small branches.
You have two options: natural, quarried or synthetic slate. Synthetic slate can be much cheaper and offer many of the benefits of natural.
Green roofs (also known as living roofs) are vegetation that covers your home with wildflowers or grasses that supports pollinators. These roofs cost anywhere from $10 to $25 per square feet and offer many benefits like reducing heat loss and reducing water runoff. Green roofs are often durable for 30-50 years.

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There are two options when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor: independent contractors or roofing companies. Both have their pros and cons. Compare bids to find the lowest price, and make sure you check out roofer references, reviews and qualifications.
For quick repairs, independent roofing contractors are a good option. It may take longer for large projects like replacing an old roof to be completed because they work with subcontractors or independently. They may be experts in one particular style. Although hiring an individual is risky, it can also mean that you will work with the same person throughout the entire project.
Larger jobs are easier to complete by roofing companies. They also offer discounts, free consultations, and can provide warranties on their work. You may not have the same contact person for every phase of your project.
Before you choose the right roofing contractor for you, get bids from several contractors. The lowest-priced and most available contractor may be the best option. If you have the budget to pay, the roofer who has the most experience in installing your type of roof might be the best choice.

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Yates Miami Roofing Inc roofs can be trusted. Our shingle roofing services are preferred by more Miamians that any other kind of roof. Yates Miami Roofing Inc offers the right products, technologies, solutions and experience for all your roofing needs.
Yates Miami Roofing Inc certifies thousands of roofers annually in high quality, modern installation methods. Our criteria require that all roofing companies show proofs of state licensing (where necessary), insurance, or prove their good standing with BBB.
Yates Miami Roofing contractors may offer a variety if enhanced warranties. These are backed up by Yates so you can pick the right contractor and amount of coverage to suit your needs.
Yates Miami Roofing Inc's certification programs for contractors do not make them employees. We also don't supervise these individuals. Participation in the program can bring benefits to contractors, including loyalty points and discounts on Yates Miami Roofing products. Additionally, the program offers enhanced warranties and reduced prices for tools. Contracts apply to all your dealings, including any services that contractors provide.
Do you need a roofing contractor? Not sure where else to go? Begin by speaking with your neighbors or Homeowner Associations to find out who they recommend. You should check the requirements and directories for your state regarding roofing contractors, as well find and review reviews.
Call at least three local roofing contractors to arrange consultations. Compare quotes, read reviews, and compare qualifications before negotiating the final price. This article will explain how to find the right roofing company for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common types of roof replacements that can be cost effective include:

1. Flat roof replacement - A flat roof replacement is often the most cost effective option for roofs that are in good condition and only need minor repairs or corrective work. This type of replacement is usually done using a membrane and metal truss system.

2. Gable roof replacement - Gable roofs are a popular choice for replacement due to their low maintenance requirements and the fact that they can be modified to match most home styles. This type of replacement is typically done using an arch or gable system and a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl.

3. Sloping roof replacement - Sloping roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique appearance and the fact that they can provide significant energy savings over traditional roofs. This type of replacement is typically done using a tiled or shingle system and can be customized to match your home's style and architecture.

Depending on the type of roof and your specific situation, some or all of this cost may be deductible. In most cases, however, a roof replacement will likely be tax deductible.