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A metal roof is versatile. The metal roof is available as a fully-integrated roof, but homeowners can also add an accent standing seam metal roof to their asphalt roof. This allows for covered porches and flat roof facets.
Cedar shake roofs are premium roofing systems made of cedar (natural wood) materials. It is one of our most visually appealing roofing materials. Cedar trees are cut into 2-foot pieces and then hand-split into tapered thicknesses (tapersawn).
Hand-split gives you a rugged appearance, while tapersawn provides a more refined look. Cedar shake shingles are made naturally so there is no warranty.
The workmanship warranty from your roofing contractor will cover your investment. As cedar shakes shingles age, their color, cracks, and curls can be affected by the climate.
Ask your roofing contractor questions about the effects of climate on cedar shake shake shingles before you invest in a cedar roof.
Composite shingles have recently entered the roofing business, but are rapidly becoming more common. Composite (also known by synthetic) roofshingles are made from recycled materials, such as rubber or plastics.

This section will explain the various types of roofing materials. Next, you'll find out which one suits you best.
An asphalt roof is the most prevalent type of roofing material on homes. Because it's the most cost-effective type of roof, it's very popular.
Asphalt roofing is made up of asphalt asphalt shingles and other asphalt roofing materials. There are many options for asphalt roofs. They can be customized to suit your needs and budget.

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Metal roofing may seem like a recent choice, but it has been around since 1800. Metal sheets or shingles remain a popular choice. This is because aluminum and zinc, which are lightweight, durable, affordable, and easy to transport, are beautiful, even as they age. They can last between $6 and $14 per square foot, depending on their design and materials.
There are two types of shingles: sheets or panels, which are attached with a "standing joint". You can have the metal pre-treated using sealants. You can paint metal roofing in different colors.
Standing seam metal roofing requires precise installation to ensure panels don't rippling and create straight vertical lines. These metal sheets are more costly and cost between $9 to $14 per square feet.

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Rolled roofing is an asphalt-based oil roofing material. It comes in rolls of 100 sq. feet. MSR is an inexpensive, easy-to-install mineral-surfaced roof material.
While solar tiles are durable and as long-lasting as regular shingles they are also very energy efficient.
It is used in most commercial buildings and condos. The roof membrane seals the building's interior with water.

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Metal shingles mimic the appearance of slate, asphalt and wood roofing. They cost about $1-$3 per sq. foot less than standing seams.
Wood roofing works well with cottages in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables Craftsman or Tudor-style homes. Wood roofing turns silver as they age and becomes sandy brown. Wood roofs can survive for 50 years in dry environments, but should be treated in places that are likely to catch fire and weatherproofed to the Miami climate. Wood roofing is less durable in humid climates such as South Florida. This is due to water damage.
Common building materials include redwood, pine, and cedar. They all repel insects. Cedar shake roofing is the most preferred choice, and it costs between $5 and $7 per square foot.
Clay tiles are the most common roofing material in the world. They go back as far as 5,000 years before glazed earthenware roofs in China. They are affordable at $10 to $18 per square footage and last 50-100 years. You can choose from several styles such as Spanish or Scania.
Clay tiles last a lot longer than other types of roofing and are therefore more costly to install. Clay roofing is common in Southern Florida. It is ideal for hot climates and can withstand winds as high as 150 miles per hour.
Slate is one the most durable types for roofing. It can be as affordable as clay tiles at $9 to $20 per square foot. The lifespan of this material is between 50 and 200years. It is fireproof and can withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, and extreme temperature. Additionally it is resistant to hail and small branches.
You can choose between natural, quarried slate and synthetic alternatives such as fiber cement slate or bituminous. Synthetic slate is cheaper and offers many of same benefits as natural.

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Solar shingles is one of the most innovative types of roofing materials. It will require a specialist roofer in building-integrated solar photovoltaics (BIPV), to install it.
Although solar shingles can be effective for up to 30 years, it is an expensive investment. Installing solar shingles costs between $21-$25 per square foot. These can however increase your home's worth by as much as $15,000 The future of US-based solar power looks bright.

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While you might not think of this until your meeting with your local roofer, it is something that you must consider. There are five options for roofing materials that can be customized to create the look you want.
Even though 3-tab or dimensional asphalt shingle roofing is the most common in the country, it doesn't have a distinctive look in your area. If your roof's appearance is not important, I recommend these asphalt shingle roofing options.
But if you really want your roof stand out, you can consider luxury asphaltshingles or standing seam metal roofs.
These are the 5 most popular types of roofing materials. The only thing that is left to do is choose what style you would like for your roof.

best roofers miami

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, most municipalities in Florida, and especially Miami, require a permit if the roof replacement is going to involve any alterations, such as adding on or removing a section of the roof.

There can be a few ways that financing a roof replacement can work:


1. Home equity loans - These are loans that use the equity in your home as collateral. They are usually easy to get and have low interest rates, making them a good option for people who want to replace their roof without having to take on a large debt.


2. Personal loan - A personal loan is a loan that you borrow from a bank or other financial institution. They are usually easier to get than a home equity loan, but have higher interest rates that can add up over time.


3. Commercial loan - A commercial loan is usually a larger loan that's used for more expensive projects, such as roof replacement. They tend to have higher interest rates and stricter repayment terms than personal or home equity loans.


If you're still unsure about financing a roof replacement, don't hesitate to speak with one of our experts, we would be happy to help you figure out the best option for your unique situation.