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Roofing companies tend to be more efficient in completing large jobs quicker, have manufacturer warranties, offer discounts or complimentary consultations, and use more materials. There may be a different point of contact for each stage of your project.
Before choosing the right one for you, always get bids from as many roofing contractors as possible. You may go for the lowest, most reasonable bid, or the one with the best availability and price. If you have the funds, you can choose the roofer who offers the best estimate and has 20 years of experience installing the type roof you desire.
If you have an idea of the type and style of roofing you would like, you might find fewer contractors in your region. Although many roofers can repair and install asphalt shingles they are less skilled at installing clay tiles, cedar shake or natural slate. Green roofs and solar tiles are rare styles that require professionals, so it is not easy to find them in rural areas.

Slate roofs are beautiful and last a long time, but they can be very expensive. It's worth the extra cost if you have the means to pay.
You now know the top five types of roofing materials. Now you know the top 5 types of roofing materials. But how do they choose which one is best for you?
This is where you need to ask yourself these 3 questions.

roofing repairs miami

roofing repairs miami

It can be a difficult decision to choose the right roofing material for your roof replacement. It's important to thoroughly research the options and make sure you are fully informed about how to choose the best one for your particular situation.
Researching is the most challenging part of making a major decision. It is overwhelming to find so many information.
Wouldn’t it be nice to know the top roofing materials and how you choose one? If the answer is yes, then you are in right place.
Yates Miami Roofing is a trusted roofing company that has been helping homeowners replace their roofs for more than 30 years. We are here to help you.

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Because they repel insects, cedar, redwood and pine are the most common building materials. Cedar shake roofing costs an average of $5-$7 per sq. foot and is the most common choice.
Clay tiles are an extremely popular roofing material. They have been around for over 5,000 year and were used in China's glazed clayenware roofs. They can last between 50 and 100 years, costing $10 to $18 a square foot. There are many styles available, including Scania, French and Spanish.
Clay tiles are expensive to install, but they last much longer than any other type of roofing. Clay roofing is extremely popular in Southern Florida. It's ideal for hot climates, can withstand winds of up to 150 MPH and is highly fire-resistant.

metal roofing companies in miami

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The choice of the roofing material that you choose for your replacement is a big decision. To choose the right type of roofing material for your situation, you must research and absorb as much information as possible.
The research aspect of making such a big decision is often the hardest. There is so much information online that it can be overwhelming.
Wouldn't that be awesome to have all of the best roofing materials, and how to choose which one for you, in one place? If yes, you are in the right place.
Yates Miami Roofing's team has been helping homeowners for over 30 years to choose the best roofing material for their roof replacement. Now, we are ready to help you do the same.
This article will provide information on the top 5 types and some details about each. We then give you 3 questions that you should ask when choosing the right roofing material.
There are many options for roofing materials when it comes to your new roof. We see 5 roofing materials that homeowners, especially those in the Nashville region, love the most.
Here's a quick overview of the different types of roofing materials. Then, you can decide which one is best for you.

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Metal shingles can mimic wood, asphalt, and slate roofing. These shingles are on average $1-3 per square feet less expensive than standing seam.
Wood roofing looks great with the charming Coconut Grove cottages, Craftsman- and Tudor-style homes of Coral Gables. With age, they become more silvery and sandy brown. Wood roofs can be lasted up to 50 year in dry climates, but must be treated in areas that are susceptible to fire and weatherproofed in order for them to withstand the Miami climate. Water damage causes wood roofing to wear faster in wet climates like South Florida.
Redwood, pine and cedar are popular building materials as they all repel insects. Cedar shake roofing, which averages $5-$7 per square feet, is the most widely used choice.
Clay tiles are one the most widely used roofing materials worldwide. They can be traced back over 5,000 years to the glazed earthenware rooftops of China. They cost from $10 to $18 per square ft and can last for 50 to 100 years. You have the option to choose from many styles, such as Spanish, French and Scania.
Clay tiles can last longer than most other types of roofing, even though they are more expensive to install and fix. Clay roofing is popular in Southern Florida, as it can withstand winds of up 150 miles an hour and is fire-resistant.
Slate is one of most durable roofing materials. It costs about the same as clay tiles and ranges from $9 to $20 for each square foot. It can last for 50 to 200 year. This material is not only fireproof and resists extreme temperatures and high winds but also resists impact from hail and small branches.
You have two options: natural, quarried or synthetic slate. Synthetic slate can be much cheaper and offer many of the benefits of natural.

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Metal roofing is lightweight and low-maintenance. It can be made to look like wood or slate or asphalt roofing shingles, or roof panels.
Wood is the most expensive type of roofing. It's best to use it in dry climates where there are no fires or moisture. Wood roofing has great curb appeal and is suitable for Tudor-, Craftsman- and Cottage-style homes.
Flat panels are used for this type of metal roofing. Each panel has vertical ribs at each end. The panels are joined together and attached to the roofs beneath the vertical ribs.
Corrugated roofing made of steel has a distinctive shape. This is achieved by roll-forming. The roof is attached to the panels with screws. Both residential and commercial roofs can be found in corrugated varieties.
Popular after standing seam roofs is this interlocking metal roofing system. It's fire, wind, and impact-resistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A roof replacement may be covered by certain types of insurance, but the cost of coverage will vary from policy to policy. However, insurance may not cover all of the cost of a roof replacement. It is always advisable to speak with a professional insurance agent to find out for sure.

There can be a few ways that financing a roof replacement can work:


1. Home equity loans - These are loans that use the equity in your home as collateral. They are usually easy to get and have low interest rates, making them a good option for people who want to replace their roof without having to take on a large debt.


2. Personal loan - A personal loan is a loan that you borrow from a bank or other financial institution. They are usually easier to get than a home equity loan, but have higher interest rates that can add up over time.


3. Commercial loan - A commercial loan is usually a larger loan that's used for more expensive projects, such as roof replacement. They tend to have higher interest rates and stricter repayment terms than personal or home equity loans.


If you're still unsure about financing a roof replacement, don't hesitate to speak with one of our experts, we would be happy to help you figure out the best option for your unique situation.