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Talk to an expert about pruning or trimming your trees. Find the best tree-trimming professionals in your area today.
Tree trimming and pruning differ based on how they are used. Pruning refers to the removal or reduction of hazardous branches. This process encourages growth. Tree trimming involves the removal of overgrown branches. Tree trimming can be used to increase the tree's ability to receive more sunlight and moisture.

Chucktown Tree Service has ISA Certified Arborists who are insured and bonded. They can help you safely and efficiently remove your tree. Tree removals can be complicated and costly. Make sure you hire a qualified arborist.
Tree removal costs vary based on the tree. An arborist must see the tree in person to determine an accurate estimate.
Chucktown Tree Service works with you to make tree removal as easy as possible.

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A diseased tree can pose a safety and health hazard to you, your property, and everyone who enters your yard. While this tree may be cheaper because it is simpler to cut, it can be costly if it is in dangerous positions and could cause injury if it falls. For a quote on this situation, contact a tree removal company to schedule an inspection.
However, a tree that has actually been cut down, provided it isn't in an emergency, can be much more affordable than a dead tree. It is safer to leave a tree trunk on the ground than to hire a tree removal crew. You will pay an average of $100-$300 to have it removed.

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These tree removal prices should provide an estimate of what you can expect to pay for an average project, or more extreme projects.
The most important factor in determining the overall cost of a project is the tree's size. Large trees pose more safety and risk than small ones. Tall trees will require arborists to use special equipment. The risk of injury is higher, so the cost will also be higher.
Be aware that not all tree care companies or arborists will classify your tree's height in the same way. Tree removal professionals may classify a small tree as one less than 25 feet high or an extremely tall tree as one that is over 100 feet.
How much will it cost to remove a medium-sized tree? Below are some examples of typical ranges:

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Price is not the only factor that affects your tree's dimensions. There are also other cost factors.
If you have to remove a dead tree, it will not cost as much as a stumped tree. An upright tree can pose a risk while a fall tree poses a lower risk.Every tree is either an asset or a liability. When a professional tree risk assessment uncovers a potential issue – perhaps the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair – tree removal or tree cutting may be required.
Chucktown Tree Service’s bonded and insured ISA Certified Arborists can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your tree. Many tree removals are complex, and mistakes are costly – make sure the arborist you choose is qualified.
The cost of tree removal really depends on the tree and to give an accurate tree removal cost, an arborist needs to see it in person.

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It is important to remember that not every arborist or tree service company will be able to categorize your tree's exact height. One tree removal expert might define a small or large tree as a tree that stands less than 25ft tall. Another tree care professional may refer to a tree that is more than 100ft tall.
So what is it going to cost to take out a small-sized tree? We have listed some of the more common ranges below.
The size of the tree plays a greater role than its kind in determining the cost of removal. Two trees of the same height are likely the same price to remove. To help you evaluate costs, it is worth determining what type of tree you have.
Here are the average removal prices for four common trees, according to their average heights. One of these could be the one you are looking to remove.

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Below are the average removal costs for four trees based on their average mature heights. You might even want to remove one of these trees.
The price of a tree is largely determined by its size. However, there are other factors that can affect the cost.
A fallen tree is less expensive than a standing one. A standing tree is more dangerous than a falling tree, and a fallen tree has fewer safety hazards.
Each tree is either an asset (or a liability). If a professional tree risk assessment uncovers potential issues - maybe the tree is too damaged or diseased beyond repairs - then tree removal or tree-cutting may be necessary.