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A medium-sized trees, such as maples or elms, are 30-60 feet tall. It costs between $600-1,700 to remove. To remove a tall tree such as a mature oak, it will cost you between $800-$1,700. The cost to remove any tree over 80ft will be between $1500 and $3,000.
But height isn't all that important. Trees that grow taller tend to have thicker trees. A tall tree may have a shorter trunk, which can make it more costly to remove. A tree service may charge more for a longer tree with a thick trunk that is laborious to cut. It is possible to charge more for tree removal if the tree has more than one trunk.
Two trees with roughly the same trunk diameter and height will cost roughly the exact same to remove. Size is a better determinant of cost than type. Here's an overview of some popular types.

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Your tree’s height will have the most significant impact on the project’s overall cost. Removing a large tree poses more risks and safety hazards than removing a small tree. Arborists will require special equipment for climbing when removing a tall tree, and because the risk is greater, the cost will be, too.
Keep in mind that not every tree care company or arborist will categorize your tree’s height the same way we have here. Some tree removal experts may define a small tree as under 25 feet tall or an extreme tree over 100 feet tall.
So how much is removing a medium-sized tree going to cost you? We’ve listed the typical ranges below:

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You might prefer to have someone else do this job. Time is another factor. Tree trimming companies have their own equipment and tools, which allows them to complete the job quickly.
Most deciduous trees can be trimmed in winter. Trees go dormant during winter and cease growing in spring. This is a great time to take down branches so that new growth can be sown in the spring.
Some tree species might need to be trimmed and pruned in different seasons. It is recommended to not prune trees in fall as fungi can spread rapidly during this time.
Remember that you can remove infected, dead or dying branches at any time during the year. If branches pose a danger to safety, you should remove them immediately.

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The tree's maximum height will determine the cost of the project. The removal of large trees poses greater risks and presents more safety hazards than the removal of small trees. For tall trees to be removed, arborists will need special equipment. Additionally, the risk and cost of climbing will be greater.
It is important to remember that not every arborist or tree service company will be able to categorize your tree's exact height. One tree removal expert might define a small or large tree as a tree that stands less than 25ft tall. Another tree care professional may refer to a tree that is more than 100ft tall.

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For tree removal services you can expect to spend between $150 and $2,000 but the average cost is around $700 to $750. The price of tree removal services depends on how large the tree is, so big trees will generally be more costly to remove.
While you might find tree removal companies willing to take on the job at a reasonable price, it is important that you only hire an arborist who has been certified and is insured for tree cutting. Even the simplest jobs can be complicated or have long-term consequences. You should not leave your property's safety and that of your landscaping in jeopardy. Arborists have to renew their certificates on a regular basis in order to receive continuing training in best practices for tree cutting.
Large trees are more costly to remove. Because they require heavier-duty equipment, it is more risky and requires more material to be removed. Tree removal costs are affected by other factors.

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