You must remove a tree that has fallen on your house or car suddenly or leaned precariously. It will cost you a lot more to have a tree removed a few days or weeks in advance than you would need to get it done as soon as you can.
You will have to pay more for urgent services, just like any other rush job. This job is more risky because technicians must be careful not to cause further damage. Prices for tree removal vary depending on the situation and contractor. However, they can easily reach $5,000.
You may also find that tree removal costs rise after a natural catastrophe. This is because many people will need to have their trees removed immediately. Your homeowners insurance may cover some or all of the costs of removing a tree from your property. Make sure to check with your insurance before you pay for this service.
You may be able pay per acre if you live in a wooded area that requires multiple trees to be removed. An area that is lightly wooded might cost between $500 and $2,500 an acre. However, a larger area with a greater tree density may cost between $3,000 to $6,000 per acre.

The cost of your tree-removal project will vary depending upon many factors, such as the distance you live from the tree, the number of professionals you employ, and the size the tree is.

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On the other hand, a tree that has actually fallen, provided it hasn’t created an emergency, is actually much cheaper than a living tree to cut and haul away. A tree trunk simply laying on the ground is much safer for a tree removal team to deal with, so you’ll only have to pay between $100 and $300 on average to remove it from your property.
When a tree suddenly falls on your home or car, or it leans precariously, you need to remove it before it can cause further damage. There will be quite a difference in price between a tree removal you schedule a few weeks or days out and a tree removal you need as soon as possible.
Like any rush job, you’ll have to pay more for urgent service. The job is also riskier because the technicians will have to be very careful not to cause additional damage. Tree removal prices will vary substantially by situation and by contractor, though they can easily go up to $5,000.

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If the tree you need to remove is a fallen tree, that’s not going to cost nearly as much as a standing tree. Removing an upright tree comes with high risk, while a fallen tree eliminates most safety hazards that typically run up the bill.
Each tree can be either an asset, or a liability. A professional tree risk assessment may uncover a potential problem - such as a tree that is diseased beyond repair or damaged. In these cases, tree removal or tree cutting might be necessary.
Chucktown Tree Service has ISA Certified Arborists who are insured and bonded. They can help you safely and efficiently remove your tree. Tree removals can be complicated and costly. Make sure you hire a qualified arborist.
Tree removal costs vary based on the tree. An arborist must see the tree in person to determine an accurate estimate.
Chucktown Tree Service works with you to make tree removal as easy as possible.
Although an old stump of a tree might not be a problem initially, it can quickly become a nuisance.

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A professional tree trimming service would charge $150 an hour. Prices may range between $100 and $300 depending on where they are located, how healthy the tree is, what type of trimming the tree needs, and whether it is close to buildings. The cost of tree removal will depend on the region and cost of living.
It's time for an arborist to come out and help you remove a tree from your property. The national average range for tree-trimming expenses is $270-$450. Tree removal costs vary depending on how tall, large, whereabouts, and how healthy the tree is, as well as whether you choose to remove the stump. Tree removal costs can be affected by your height. Smaller trees that are less than 30ft in height are typically easier to manage and safer for arborists. Small trees can be removed at a cost between $150 and $450. Medium-height trees can range in height from 30 to 60 feet. They could be removed for as little as $150 up to as much $850. Tall trees that are 60-80 feet tall can be cut down for $500. The price goes up as the tree gets taller and wider.
The location is crucial. The removal of a tree from an open area is much faster and more efficient than the removal of a tree within your house. Arborists are able to assess your tree, and then provide quotes based on the various variables. The cost of removing a hackberry tree medium in size from a home, where the roots were threatening the foundation, was $1,500. This price included rope-down as well as house protection, tree quartering, stacking, stump removal, and tree stacking.
Do you know what to do next when a tree is being cut? Arborists will often charge an additional fee for removing the fallen tree from your property. You can choose to have the wood trimmed for your fireplace or hauled away entirely.
Tree removal costs can vary depending upon the size of the fallen tree. The cost of tree removal will reflect the size of the tree. Tree service companies may charge additional $100-$120 to take away fallen trees. Some regions may charge $75, while others might charge $150. Tree removal costs will be affected by labor rates, cost of living and cost of doing business in the area.
The cost of hiring a professional tree-trimmer in your area can be well worth it. This job requires special equipment and can pose a risk to inexperienced operators.
Safety is the main reason you may want to avoid this task. Another factor is your time. Tree trimming services are equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly.

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A homeowner will usually remove trees as part or a larger landscaping project. This is where you might want to explore the other services offered by tree-removal companies. If you hire a company for the whole project, instead of splitting it up into separate jobs, you can save money.
The price of tree removal typically includes the removal and disposal costs of large branches and the trunk. There will be a lot more debris than you expected, so you might not want it to be thrown away. To make matters worse, hauling away debris is expensive and time-consuming if you aren't equipped to do it. Professional tree removal services can offer different ways to dispose of your debris, but they will charge an extra fee.
The price for tree removal does not always include the stump. Some homeowners may enjoy the stump's look and want to include it as part of their landscaping. But most people don't want it there. This job is best left to a professional as the stump's residual root system may not be visible from above the ground.
You can expect to spend between $150-500 to remove the stump, roots, and surrounding structures depending on the length of time and complexity of the root system. Stump grinding, whereby a hydraulic machinery mulches the stump along with some roots, costs around $100 to $400. A stump grinder that you rent from a hardware or home store can also be hired to help you remove the stump. These machines can only be used for stumps with small diameters.
Common methods for stump removal are burning, which costs about $250 per stump and chemical treatment which costs about $75.
Tree transplanting is an option if you want to save a tree or move it from one place to another. The easiest trees to move and cost $300 to $800 less than larger ones. Transplanting large- and medium-sized trees may cost thousands. Note: This service requires special equipment that isn't available from every tree removal company.

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A professional might recommend pruning and trimming at different times of year to stimulate growth or leverage the tree’s dormant period to slow new sprouting.
The rules for liability when a neighbor's tree falls on your property may depend on the unique details of the situation. A common outcome is that the homeowner pays for the damage and removal. Homeowners insurance may cover a tree that fell into your yard from a wind storm. Check your local laws and insurance policy to find out.
Getting rid of tree roots can be tricky. There are methods for getting roots out yourself, but the labor involved will take several hours and is quite intensive. For this reason, it’s best to hire a pro to remove stumps and roots.
Downed trees can have a number of different end destinations. The tree removal company may use it as firewood to sell to customers, or they may send it through a wood chipper to turn it into mulch. The tree may also wind up in a green landfill or biomass power plant. Alternatively, it could go to a lumber or chip mill.
There are several advantages to responsible tree cutting. As trees age and stop producing seeds, cutting them down can prevent them from falling on valuable property like homes and cars. Additionally, cutting trees allows more sunlight to reach smaller trees below, giving them the opportunity to grow. And pruning your trees can help promote growth.
Before you start chopping down a tree yourself, make sure you read our tree removal lessons for some pro tips.
Tree size, tree accessibility, and tree health all will play into the final bill. Want to have the debris removed or the stump ground? That will cost you extra. Additional services aside, a typical price range for professional tree removal is $385 to $1,070 or $10 to $14 per foot.