There are two options for stump removal that are less common: burning (which costs approximately $250 per stump) and chemical treatment (which costs about $100.
Tree transplanting may be an option if you are looking to remove a tree from your yard or move it to another spot on your property. It is easiest to relocate small trees, and can cost you between $300-$800. But, it can cost thousands to transplant large- or medium-sized trees. This service is not available to all tree removal companies. It requires different equipment from simple cutting.
Most tree removal can be done by professionals. They have the equipment and training necessary to properly fell and remove trees. Tree removal is not recommended for trees over 30 feet tall or within 10 feet from power lines. If you try to remove them yourself, you could be subject to fines, lawsuits or injuries.
With the appropriate safety equipment, however, you may be able to tackle the job yourself if your skills are good enough.

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Certain tree species may require different pruning and trimming times. It's recommended that you don't prune your trees in autumn as fungi tends to spread quickly during this season.
You can also remove infected or dead branches at any season. Safety hazards can also be a concern so branches should be removed immediately.
Talk to an expert about pruning or trimming your trees. Find the best tree-trimming professionals in your area today.
Tree trimming and pruning differ based on how they are used. Pruning refers to the removal or reduction of hazardous branches. This process encourages growth. Tree trimming involves the removal of overgrown branches. Tree trimming can be used to increase the tree's ability to receive more sunlight and moisture.
A professional may recommend trimming and pruning at different times of the year to encourage growth.

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stump grinding charleston

A fallen tree is less expensive than a standing one. A standing tree is more dangerous than a falling tree, and a fallen tree has fewer safety hazards.
Each tree is either an asset (or a liability). If a professional tree risk assessment uncovers potential issues - maybe the tree is too damaged or diseased beyond repairs - then tree removal or tree-cutting may be necessary.

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Below are the average removal costs for four trees based on their average mature heights. You might even want to remove one of these trees.
The price of a tree is largely determined by its size. However, there are other factors that can affect the cost.

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Tree trimming can cost anywhere from $75 to $1000 in the United States. Tree trimming should be done by an arborist who has the necessary training to safely trim and prune trees. It is not recommended to attempt tree trimming yourself unless you have the necessary knowledge. Tree trimming companies can charge an hourly rate. Different trees may have a different hourly rate. This is due to the skill, equipment and safety measures required. Tree services usually offer free estimates.
For professional tree trimming services, an hourly fee is $150. Costs can range from $100 to $300 per hour depending on the location of buildings and health of the tree. Also, the type and amount of tree trimming needed will affect the cost. Tree removal costs can also be affected by geography, regional cost of living, and business costs.
An arborist is needed when you're ready for a tree to be taken down on your property. The national average tree-trimming cost range is $270 to $450. Tree removal costs will vary depending on the tree's height, location, health and whether or not you wish to remove the stump. The cost of tree removal is largely determined by how tall the tree is. A smaller tree, less than 30ft tall, is easier and safer to manage for an arborist. The cost of removing a small tree could range from $150 to $450. Removal of trees with medium height, between 30 and 60 feet, can cost $150 to $850. Tall trees, usually 60 to 80 feet in height, can cost $500 to remove or more than $1,000. Cost increases with increasing height and diameter.

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The final cost of your tree removal project will vary depending on several factors, including where you live, the professional team you hire, and the size of the tree.
The tree removal prices listed above should give you a reasonable estimate of how much you can expect to spend on an average project or in extreme cases.
Your tree’s height will have the most significant impact on the project’s overall cost. Removing a large tree poses more risks and safety hazards than removing a small tree. Arborists will require special equipment for climbing when removing a tall tree, and because the risk is greater, the cost will be, too.

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A medium-sized tree such as an elm or maple is between 30-60 feet high and can be removed for $600 to $1,000. Large trees, such as mature oaks, can be 60-80 feet high and cost between $800 and $1,700 to remove. Trees over 80 feet in height will require a removal cost of approximately $1,500 to $3,000
But height is not the only thing that matters. Trees that are taller have thicker trunks. It may be cheaper to remove a tall tree with a narrower trunk than one with a thicker trunk. Tree removal companies may charge extra if a shorter tree has a large trunk that is difficult to cut. A tree with more than one trunk can lead to a more difficult and more expensive removal.
It is common for two trees with similar heights and trunk dimensions to cost the same amount to remove. The cost of removing trees is more affected by their size than the type. Here are some examples of common tree types.