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It is common for two trees with similar heights and trunk dimensions to cost the same amount to remove. The cost of removing trees is more affected by their size than the type. Here are some examples of common tree types.
A diseased tree could pose a danger to your property and others, as well as your health. This tree is less costly because it is easier to remove, but can cause serious damage if it is in a hazardous position. To get a quote, schedule an inspection with a tree service.

Find out what's plaguing your trees. Search our database of pest and disease symptoms to get to the root of the problem.

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should you tip tree removal workers

Chucktown Tree Service is proud to offer tree removal services that are safe and efficient. We ensure that all debris is removed safely and minimize the damage to surrounding plants.
The stump will normally be left in the ground as part of tree removal. If required, the stump may be removed. The task of stump removal can be complicated and require special machinery. This may be necessary if there is a risk to the landscape, or if it is an eyesore. The best and most secure way to do this is by hiring a professional stump grinder.
The stump will normally be left in the ground as much as possible during tree removal. If required, the stump may be removed. The task of stump removal can be complicated and require special machinery. This may be necessary if there is a risk to the landscape, or if it is an eyesore. The best and most secure way to do this is by hiring a professional stump grinder.
We have regional Safety and Training coordinators who train and evaluate arborists on the most up-to-date techniques and tools for tree work. The technology and equipment used to safely and efficiently remove large trees has advanced significantly in recent years.
A tree arborist is responsible for maintaining trees' beauty and health. Sometimes, however circumstances may require that a tree be cut down. Check out this video to learn more about the removal of trees.
We offer many different services. We aim to provide top-notch customer services based on what you request.
No matter how beautiful your trees are, they can sometimes be dangerous to your landscape. You and your foundation can be affected by dead, diseased, unstable, or invasive roots. You can read on to learn more about how much tree removal will cost and the factors that could impact this price.

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The final cost for your tree removal project depends on several factors such as where you live, who you hire and how large the tree is.
The prices for tree removal listed above will give you an idea of the amount you can expect in either an average or extreme case.
The biggest impact on project cost will be the tree's height. A large tree can pose greater safety risks than a smaller tree. To remove tall trees, arborists will need special equipment. Also, because of the higher risk, the cost will be higher.
Remember that not all arborists or tree companies will use the same method of categorizing your tree's size. A tree expert may consider a small tree less than 25 feet tall, or a large tree more than 100 feet.
What is the cost of removing a moderate-sized tree? Below is a list of the most common ranges.
The removal cost of a tree depends on its size more than its type. The removal of two trees with similar heights will likely cost the same amount. The best way to estimate the cost of removing a tree is to identify the type of tree.
Here are four commonly found trees with average removal costs, based upon their typical mature heights. You may choose one of these trees to be removed.

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An hourly rate for professional tree trimming is $150 an hour. Prices can be as low as $100, or higher than $300, depending on factors such proximity to buildings, tree health, height, diameter, and the type of trimming required. Your tree removal costs will be affected by your location, the cost of living in your region, and how much it costs to do business.
Call an arborist when you are ready to have a tree removed from your property. The national average cost of tree-trimming is between $270 and $450. The cost of tree removal depends on the size, location, health, and whether the stump needs to be removed. Tree removal costs are largely affected by the tree's height. Trees less than 30 feet in height are easier to handle and more manageable by an arborist. A small tree can be removed for as little as $150 up to more than $450. Medium-height trees (30-60 feet) can be removed for $150 to $850. Tall trees (typically 60-80 feet high) can be priced at $500 and more than $1,000 to have removed. The cost of a tree grows with its height and width.
It is also important to consider the location. It is easier to remove a tree in open space than it is to remove a tree growing close to your home. Arborists will assess the tree and give you a quote based on all factors. A medium-sized hackberry tree, which was too close to a house and was threatening the foundation, would cost $1,500 to remove. The price includes rope-down, house protection and tree quartering and stacking.
Have you thought about what you will do next if you have to have a tree removed? Arborists may charge an additional fee to remove fallen trees from your property. This is part of the tree removal cost. You have two options: you can have the wood cut to use in your fireplace or you can have it removed completely.
The cost of tree removal can vary depending on the size and height of the fallen tree. The labor involved in tree removal will vary according to the size of the tree. This will affect the price. A tree service company might charge $100-$120 extra to remove the tree pieces. In some areas, the service might cost $75 and in others it may cost more than $150. Your tree removal costs will reflect the labor rates in your region, the cost of living, and the cost of doing business in your locality.
It can be worthwhile to hire a professional tree trimmer near you. This job is difficult and requires specialized equipment.
You might prefer to have someone else do this job. Time is another factor. Tree trimming companies have their own equipment and tools, which allows them to complete the job quickly.

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If the tree you need to remove is a fallen tree, that’s not going to cost nearly as much as a standing tree. Removing an upright tree comes with high risk, while a fallen tree eliminates most safety hazards that typically run up the bill.
Each tree can be either an asset, or a liability. A professional tree risk assessment may uncover a potential problem - such as a tree that is diseased beyond repair or damaged. In these cases, tree removal or tree cutting might be necessary.
Chucktown Tree Service has ISA Certified Arborists who are insured and bonded. They can help you safely and efficiently remove your tree. Tree removals can be complicated and costly. Make sure you hire a qualified arborist.
Tree removal costs vary based on the tree. An arborist must see the tree in person to determine an accurate estimate.
Chucktown Tree Service works with you to make tree removal as easy as possible.

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Learn from our experts. Chucktown Tree Service has a team of certified arborists and technical advisers who can help you understand the most common topics related to tree care.
Chucktown Tree Service certified arborists provide the latest information and tree care tips. Be prepared to ask the experts any questions you may have!
Our tree doctors are dedicated to you and your trees' safety and health. ISA Certified Arborists are able to apply their knowledge to all client interactions.
Chucktown Tree Service has been accredited as a tree care company. TCIA accreditation signifies our commitment to safety and professionalism as a tree care company.
Tree removal is not something that Chucktown Tree Service likes to highlight, but it's an important part of arboriculture. Chucktown Tree Service does it professionally and safely. While our goal is to maintain healthy trees, it's also been our goal for many years. In some cases, however, removal may be the best option for the homeowner and landscape.