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A tree arborist is responsible for maintaining trees' beauty and health. Sometimes, however circumstances may require that a tree be cut down. Check out this video to learn more about the removal of trees.
We offer many different services. We aim to provide top-notch customer services based on what you request.
No matter how beautiful your trees are, they can sometimes be dangerous to your landscape. You and your foundation can be affected by dead, diseased, unstable, or invasive roots. You can read on to learn more about how much tree removal will cost and the factors that could impact this price.
For tree removal services you can expect to spend between $150 and $2,000 but the average cost is around $700 to $750. The price of tree removal services depends on how large the tree is, so big trees will generally be more costly to remove.

Chucktown Tree Service partners with you every step of the process to ensure that tree removal is as seamless as possible.
An old tree stump can be an inconvenience, even though it may not cause any immediate problems.
We can answer all of your tree-care questions, no matter whether you're choosing a tree for planting or making a list of landscape tasks to be done this season.
Find out what your trees are suffering from. You can search our database for disease and pest symptoms to find the root cause.
Take a look at our experts. Chucktown Tree Service's arborists are certified and technical advisors. They will explain what the most common topics are in tree care.

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Are you planning what the next steps will be if a tree needs to be cut down? You may need to pay an extra fee to have the tree trimmed and removed from your property by an arborist. You have the option to have the wood cut and used in your fireplace, or to have it completely removed.

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However, if you’re comfortable with a chainsaw and the tree is in an open area, you can consider taking on the job yourself with the proper safety equipment.
In general, we don’t recommend trying to remove a tree larger than 10 feet unless you have professional training. In general, the larger the tree, the bigger the risk.
The national price range for tree trimming ranges anywhere from $75-$1,000. Tree trimming is often done by a professional arborist who is trained to safely trim and prune trees for both the health of the tree and the safety of the residents and their property. Trying to do your own tree trimming is not advisable unless you have the proper know-how. Tree trimming companies may charge an hourly rate for their services. The hourly rate may be higher or lower for different trees to reflect the relative safety measures, skill, equipment or people power needed to handle the job. For this reason, most tree services provide free estimates.
One example of an hourly rate for professional tree trimming services is $150 per hour. Costs may be under $100 or could be higher than $300 per hour, depending on variables such as proximity to buildings, health of the tree, height and diameter of the tree, and type of tree trimming desired. Geography and regional cost of living and regional costs to do business will also play a role in your tree removal costs.
When you’re ready to have a tree on your property come down, it’s time to call an arborist. The national average price range for tree-trimming costs is $270-$450. Tree removal costs can vary based on the height, diameter, location and health of the tree, and on whether you want to remove the stump. Height plays a major role in tree removal costs. Small trees, no more than 30 feet tall, are usually thinner in diameter and easier and safer for an arborist to manage. Removal of a small tree can cost anywhere from under $150 to over $450. Removal of medium-height trees, from 30 feet to 60 feet tall, could cost anywhere between $150 and $850 or more. Tall trees, typically 60 feet to 80 feet tall, may start at $500 or cost more than $1,000 to cut down. As the height and diameter increase, so does the cost.
Location is critical, too. Removing a tree in an open space is quicker and presents fewer obstacles than removing a tree that is growing flush to your house. Arborists can assess your tree and provide you with quotes based on the variables involved. For example, removing a medium-size hackberry tree that was growing too close to a home — the roots were damaging the home’s foundation — cost $1,500. This price included rope-down, house protection, tree quartering and stacking, and stump removal.
If you need to have a tree cut down, have you planned what will happen next? Arborists often charge an additional fee to quarter and remove the fallen tree from your property, so anticipate this as part of your tree removal costs. You can elect to have the wood cut for use in your fireplace, or you may prefer to have it hauled away completely.

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Tree removal costs may vary based on the height and the width of the felled tree. Size affects the labor required for removal, which will be reflected in the cost. For example, a tree service company may charge an additional $100-$120 to haul away the pieces of a felled tree. The service may cost as little as $75 in some regions and more than $150 in others. Regional labor rates, the cost of living and the cost to do business in your area will be reflected in your tree removal cost.
Hiring a professional tree trimming service near you can be worth the cost. This job requires the use of specialized equipment and involves a high degree of risk for inexperienced operators.
Safety is a major reason why you might want to avoid performing this task yourself. Another factor is time. Tree trimming services have their own equipment and tools that allow them to finish the job quickly.
Winter is generally the best time to trim most deciduous trees. In the cold months, trees enter a dormant period and stop growing until springtime. This makes it an ideal time to remove branches, which will sprout new growth in the spring.

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Depending on how long it takes to remove the stump and roots, the cost of removing them will be between $150 and $500. A stump grinder, which uses a hydraulic machine to remove the stump and some roots, typically costs $100-$400. A stump grinder can be rented from a hardware shop and you can remove the stump yourself. These machines are usually intended for stumps of small dimensions.
The most common method of removing stumps is to burn them, which can cost around $250 per stump, or use a chemical treatment that costs about $100.
Tree transplanting is a great option if you have a tree that you love but need to move it elsewhere on your property. Relocating small trees is the easiest and most cost-effective. They can be moved for as little as $300 to $800. The cost of transplanting large and medium-sized trees can run into the thousands. This service requires more equipment than simple cutting.
Tree removal should be left to professionals who have the right equipment and training to both remove the tree and cut it down. Trees over 30 feet in height or located within 10 feet of powerlines are not recommended for DIY projects. You could face fines, injury, or even lawsuits if the tree is removed in these circumstances.
If you are able to use a chainsaw safely and the tree is not in an open area you might consider doing the job yourself.
We don't recommend that you attempt to remove trees over 10 feet without professional training. The risk is greater for larger trees.
Tree trimming costs can range from $75 to $1,000 in the national average. A professional arborist is qualified to safely trim and prune trees. This is for the safety of both the tree's health and that of the homeowners. If you don't have the right knowledge, it is best to hire a professional arborist to help you with tree trimming. Tree trimming companies might charge an hourly fee for their services. For different trees, the hourly rate might be higher or lower depending on the safety measures, skill, equipment, or people power required to complete the job. Most tree services offer free estimates.

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The cost of removing a tree is more affected by its size than its type. It is likely that two different types of trees with the same height will cost the same amount to remove. It is possible to determine the type of tree, which can give you an idea of the height of the mature tree, which will help in estimating costs.
Below are the average removal costs for four trees based on their average mature heights. You might even want to remove one of these trees.
The price of a tree is largely determined by its size. However, there are other factors that can affect the cost.
A fallen tree is less expensive than a standing one. A standing tree is more dangerous than a falling tree, and a fallen tree has fewer safety hazards.
Each tree is either an asset (or a liability). If a professional tree risk assessment uncovers potential issues - maybe the tree is too damaged or diseased beyond repairs - then tree removal or tree-cutting may be necessary.