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So how much is removing a medium-sized tree going to cost you? We’ve listed the typical ranges below:
A tree’s size plays a more central role in the removal costs than its type. Two different tree types with the same height are likely to cost the same amount to remove. However, determining the type of tree can help provide a rough estimate of how tall the mature tree is, which helps in evaluating costs.

But height isn’t the only important dimension. Trees with taller trunks tend to have thicker trunks. A tall tree with an elongated trunk can be more expensive to remove than a tree with a thicker trunk. Tree companies might charge an additional fee if the trunk of a short tree is particularly difficult to remove. If a tree has multiple trunks, the removal process can be more difficult and more costly.
Two trees of similar height and trunk size will generally cost roughly the same to remove, even though they are different species. Cost is determined more by the size of the tree than its type. Here are some of the most common types of trees.
A diseased or dead tree can pose a risk to the health and safety of your property and other trees. Although it may seem less expensive to have a tree removed, it could be more costly if the tree is in danger or it could cause severe damage. A tree removal service can inspect the situation and provide a quote.
If the tree has not caused an emergency, it will still be cheaper to remove than a live one. A tree trunk lying on its side is easier for tree removal workers to handle, and you will spend between $100 and $300 to remove it.
It is important to get rid of a tree as soon as it falls on your property or causes damage. The cost of a tree-removal that you have scheduled a few weeks out or days in advance will be significantly higher than the price of one that you need immediately.
As with any urgent job, you will need to pay more for it. It is also more risky as the technicians will need to be extra careful to not cause any additional damage. The cost of tree removal will vary by location and contractor. But they can easily run up to $5,000.

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Unfortunately, prices for tree removal don't always include the stump. Some homeowners may love the stump's appearance and want to include the stump in their landscaping. However, most homeowners want the stump removed. It is best to hire a specialist professional for this job because the stump's roots are often not visible from the ground.

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In these cases, special machinery like cranes must be used to keep the falling tree from hitting surrounding structures. For jobs that require a crane, expect to add at least $500 to the tree removal price.
Finally, many areas require you to purchase a permit to remove a tree taller than 10 feet. While the cost of a permit is relatively low—approximately between $60 and $150—failing to get one before beginning work could net you a more substantial fine later in the process.
With the exception of emergency tree removal, most homeowners are usually looking to remove trees as part of a larger landscaping project. In this case, you may want to look into some of the other services that tree removal companies provide. You may save money by hiring a company for a comprehensive project instead of breaking it up into multiple jobs.

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We employ regional Safety and Training Coordinators who evaluate and train arborists on the latest tools and techniques for performing tree work. In recent years, there have been considerable advances in the technology and equipment for safely and efficiently removing large trees.
The work of an arborist is to maintain the health and beauty of trees. Occasionally, however, circumstances are such that a tree needs to be taken down. Watch a video to find out more about the process of removing a tree.
We specialize in a variety of services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of customer service based on your requests.
As much beauty as trees add to your landscape, sometimes they need to be removed. Diseased or decaying trees, dead trees, trees with compromised stability, and invasive root systems can all pose a risk to your house and your foundation. Keep reading to learn how much tree removal costs and the factors that can affect this price.

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Chucktown Tree Service certified arborists offer the latest advice and information on tree care. Bring your questions to the experts.
Our tree doctors have been certified to protect your trees and ensure their safety. ISA Certified Arborists take advantage of this opportunity to learn and apply their skills to every client interaction.
Chucktown Tree Service is also accredited. TCIA accreditation is our recognition as a tree service provider that is committed to professionalism, safety, and expert advice.
Tree removal is something we don't like to emphasize but it is an essential aspect of arboriculture. Chucktown Tree Service handles it professionally and safely. Although our goal is and has been to maintain trees health, sometimes removal is the best option for the landscape or homeowner.
Tree removals can either be done to remove old or dying trees or those that have become dangerous. The removal of trees can also be beneficial in removing competition for light and air so that remaining plants can grow and thrive. Trees might be cut down in certain cases for home additions or new construction.
Tree removal can be one of the most dangerous parts of arboriculture. Tree workers often have the task of removing trees that have grown in areas close to houses or utility lines. Tree removal is a difficult task that requires extensive knowledge.
Chucktown Tree Service offers tree removals that are safe and efficient. Our arborists are highly skilled. We offer thorough cleanup and work to minimize the effect on surrounding vegetation.

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An arborist's job is to preserve the beauty and health of trees. Sometimes, however, a tree may need to be removed due to unforeseen circumstances. To learn more about how to remove a tree, watch this video.
We offer a wide range of services. We strive to provide the best customer service possible based on your needs.
Sometimes trees can be a nuisance and ruin the beauty of your landscape. Trees with poor stability or disease, as well as trees that are dead or dying, can pose a threat to your home and foundation. Continue reading to find out how much tree removal can cost and what factors could affect that price.
Tree removal costs can be as high as $150 to $2,000, but the average tree removal cost is between $700 and $5000. The cost of tree removal depends on the size and complexity of the tree. Large trees are generally more expensive than smaller ones.
Although you may find tree-removal services that are willing to work for a low price, make sure they are certified arborists who are insured for tree removal. Even seemingly simple jobs can lead to unexpected complications and long-term effects. Don't let this happen to your property or your landscaping. Arborists need to renew their licenses on a regular basis so that they are continuously trained in the best methods of tree removal.
Large trees are more expensive to remove. They require more heavy-duty equipment and pose a greater risk. There's also more material to take away. There are many factors that influence the cost of tree removal services.
Trees less than 30 feet tall are considered small. Typically, removing a small tree will cost between $150 and $500. Many fruit trees, including hawthornes or silver birches, are small.